Develop of idea, invention: patent, production, sale and utilization

INVENT is the engineering office of Plasticor plastic injection molding and tooling Kft. Our service is based on the ~2 billion HUF turnover & 100-person Kft., builds on its practical experience and production capabilities and embraces the entire innovation process with this proven ability. Everythins is in one hand, one practical companion. Invent, implementer, manufacturer and utilization of experienced ideas, in a word: innovator, Startup-HUB! Invent, the experienced idea implementer, utiliser, in a word: innovator!
Ars poetica: If you are in a leading position, you have a product idea, you have a well-known market for it -with the possibility of entry-, you think on an international level, but you cannot implement it alone, you are in the right place!
Idea, invention, patent, development, production, distribution with one partner.

You may need help for several reasons:

  • you are sure of your idea, but your current job is too good to give it up and deal with it instead
  • you don’t have time to implement
  • you have no capital
  • you have no production experience
  • you don’t have the right network
  • you have no language skills and no foreign experience


The solution: INVENT is the innovation and product development department of Plasticor plastic injection molding and tooling Kft.

We put the engineering office and sales behind your idea.

About us

We have several of our own products, we won R&D tenders, and we have continuous development and invention activities. More information:


We only undertake projects that require serious engineering and project management work at an international level, and in which we can be partners. The synergy of ideas, trust, and experience brings the result! We do not directly invest capital and money, but our knowledge and experience in exchange for an idea that can be produced together.


We believe that: 1+1=3.


The task to be solved: the implementation and distribution of the invention on the world market. We believe that there are few entrepreneurs with real practical manufacturing and implementation experience for this mission, who have gone through the journey themselves, have experience and are able to unite and manage the processes. And herself is also a practicing innovator.


With your idea and combined force, we can reach the goal.


What’s different about us: our decades of domestic and foreign management practical experience:

  • Patenting and protection
  • Patent, utility model, industrial design, trademark
  • Market knowledge
  • Knowledge of technology
  • Developer knowledge
  • Company building
  • Production
  • Competition
  • Own diverse production capacity (5,000 m2, turnover over a billion, Plasticor Kft.)
  • Language skills


DON’T forget: those who don’t step or want to do everything themselves often follow the herd or simply drop out of the competition. Although there are miracles! You decide!

Our processes

Step 1

  • viability analysis (from a different perspective than yours)
  • Is it possible, can we do it
  • until it reaches the market: cost estimate
  • judging the personal “chemistry” of cooperation

Step 2

  • Outline of the future, time plan
  • concluding a contract for cooperation
  • making a drawing
  • protection, industrial law protection (if invention level)
  • request of offers (RFQ’s)
  • applications for support
  • own production or manufacturing
  • sales
    etc, etc, etc…

The synergy provided by Plasticor Kft.:

its engineers, experience, market, name, network of contacts and external experts. Daily processes include project management, procurement, zero series production, testing, production capacity, quality assurance, assembly, storage, sales.
Scientific relations: Pannon University, University of Technology, development institutes, certification companies, regulations, standards…
And innovation relations.
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Side panels

Trust is required !

If you start from the assumption that you are doing badly, that you will be stolen or ripped off, then don’t look for us!

Such ideas very often remain between the pillows or are invented again by someone else…

However, if you are really looking for a partner for what you cannot do alone, then look for us!

The process is long, often years, until everything comes together. Don’t expect instant success.

We can embrace 2-3 ideas per year. Unfortunately, there is no capacity for more and these must also match our knowledge, and then the stars can be brought down from the sky!