Injected logistic tray


Logistic tray with plastic injection moulding

OBJECTIVE: to eliminate the weaknesses of vacuum-formed trays at a comparable or cheaper price. An alternative to vacuum forming, where it is necessary to eliminate the disadvantages of vacuum forming, but still with a low tooling price and total cost.
New development!

The new properties of the injected logistic tray:

  • manufactured with the advantages of the injection molding process, but at a low tooling price
  • tray dimensional accuracy and rigidity for automated handling
  • more products can be designed into it (they can be brought closer)
  • spikes and holes can be injected into it
  • sharp corners can be designed
  • fast production
  • ESD and normal design
  • flexible planning, consulting for product placement
  • eliminating the disadvantages of vacuum forming
  • does not thin out
  • no post-processing is required

Dimensions: max 600×500

Areas of use:

  • automotive industry
  • electronics
  • medicine, medical applications
  • agriculture

Data required to request an offer:

  • 3D drawing, contour
  • recommended support points
  • restrictive conditions for placement (fragile parts, wires, etc.)
  • place of exception and space requirements
  • entering weight, center of gravity point,
  • max. tray weight, height
  • stacking height

Price: please request an offer

Delivery: shrink-wrapped on a pallet